Getting Started

If you’re ready to get started, all you need to do is arrange a Values & Goals meeting with Charlie Donahue, our team leader.

Call (888) 719-2964 or email, and we will schedule our next available appointment for you.

Your Values & Goals meeting may take place face-to-face or by phone, and you should expect it to last approximately 30-60 minutes.

During this initial meeting, Charlie will take you through a thorough interview designed to identify your financial values and  help you set goals aligned with those values.

This process will provide the foundation for the comprehensive financial plan the team will later create for you–if we decide to work together.

More important: it will give both parties an opportunity to determine if we should work together.

This is a critical stage in our process, because the SI model demands a closer working relationship than any other financial advisement model popular today.

The following information listed below should be made available during this meeting. 

  • Investment accounts (all): most current statements
  • Retirement accounts (all): most current statements
  • Checking / savings accounts (all): most current statements
  • Tax return: most current
  • Personal expense projection
  • Insurance policies (all)
  • Insurance policy renewal pages (all)
  • Estate planning documents (all)
  • Debt list [If possible, include on the list: (1) balance owed and to whom; (2) interest percentage being paid; (3) payments remaining; (4) current payment and frequency]
  • Real estate list [Please include on the list: (1) purchase price and year purchased; (2) estimated current value]

Please note: if you have a spouse or partner, he or she must be present during this meeting.

Contact us today to schedule this initial, no-obligation meeting.

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