Our Mission & Values

This time, like all times, is a very good one, if we but know what to do with it.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

At Synchronized Investments, our mission is to put each client’s financial house in order and keep it that way. We do this through comprehensive financial management, provided by a “best-in-class” team of subject matter experts.

Helping our clients achieve financial peace of mind and develop their wealth in a way that aligns with their values and goals is our purpose.

Part of our mission statement proclaims, “We strive to create a positive difference for our clients in helping them reach the goals that are important to them.”

As you can see, while we believe money is important, we know it’s not the most important thing in our clients’ lives. Nor is it the most important thing in our professional lives. If it were, we would still be working with the old financial advisement models.

Instead, we’re striving to set a new standard in our industry (not an easy task).

We have developed the following “believe” statements to express our core team values:

  • We believe there should be complete transparency of compensation for all financial advisors, starting with the SI team
  • We believe that driven collaborators are more likely to be successful in all of their endeavors – including financial management
  • We believe that partners in life (couples, spouses) must be partners in financial management to thrive individually and together
  • We believe that helping clients reach their financial goals in ways that align with their values is more important than our “statistics”
  • We believe that the fees our clients pay us should be an investment, not an expense – by creating results clients expect
  • We believe “results are where it’s at,” and that success must be measured, tracked and documented to be real or meaningful
  • We believe a flat, “all-in” fee model is the only, and best, way to avoid conflicts of interest that could impact our advice

As one of our clients recently said: “Wall Street serves their bottom line. Synchronized Investments serves the bottom line of their clients.”

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