The SI Model

The SI model is designed to ensure that every client’s comprehensive financial plan is goals-driven, holistic and as bias-free as possible.

The five components of our model, described below, allow us to accomplish this for each and every client.

Component 1: The Values & Goals Meeting
Every client relationship begins with a Values & Goals meeting (in person or by phone) with our founder and team leader, Charlie Donahue.

During this 30-60 minute meeting, Charlie takes the potential client through an interview process designed to identify the individual’s or couple’s financial values and define their financial goals.

This meeting provides both parties with an opportunity to consider whether working together is the right decision for the potential client and for Synchronized Investments.

Not every meeting results in an ongoing client relationship, and a completed Values & Goals meeting does not obligate Synchronized Investments to take on the account.

Because of our model, the relationship between the SI team is closer and more complex than traditional financial advisement relationships which tend to be transaction-based or superficial.

Thus, we are selective in choosing our clientele – for their sake and ours.

Component 2: Driven Collaboration
Today, we know that “driven collaborators,” those who are willing to work closely with others to create optimal solutions, are far more successful in every area of life (including financial management) than “Do-It-Yourselfers.”

The most successful companies are managed by CEOs who build a “best-in-class” team and then give them the freedom they need to do their jobs-even as the CEO monitors outcomes and ultimately remains in control.

In the SI model, the client’s money is “run like a business,” with the client acting as CEO, the team leader acting as President/CFO, and each subject-matter expert acting as a VP over his or her own area of responsibility.

Much like a CEO, as well, every SI client chooses their level of involvement in the details of their financial management.

In most instances, clients choose to be more involved during the early days of the working relationship, while a foundation is being laid and trust is building.

Over time, most enjoy the opportunity to “let the team do their thing,” knowing they will be apprised of all relevant information during our regular (triannual) progress meetings.

Component 3: “Best-In-Class” Experts
Our team is made up of experts who specialize in just one or two professional disciplines of financial advisement (investment strategy, tax management, estate planning, etc.).

They each bring focused, in-depth training, expertise and experience to the comprehensive financial planning process-advantages that no single financial advisor can possibly accumulate and offer clients.

In fact, we believe that genuine comprehensive financial management simply cannot occur without such a complementary group of experts, given the complexities of today’s investment, business, tax, and legal environments.

Even a master plumber cannot provide informed advice concerning electrical wiring issues (unless he or she is also an electrician!).

In the same way, an investment strategist cannot provide reliable advice concerning the best way to deal with the tax liabilities that are undermining a client’s overall wealth development progress.

Component 4: Peer Review
All major financial recommendations (made by the team to the client-the “CEO”) are first vetted by all team members through a thorough peer review process.

This peer review process ensures that: (1) the client’s values and goals continue to drive their financial management, even when they are not present; (2) the potential negative impacts of any given strategy on another area of financial health are minimized or eliminated; (2) opportunities involving more than one area of a client’s finances are identified and explored.

Our unique peer review process also provides SI and our clients an extra “line of defense” against unknowingly biased or flawed judgment on the part of a single advisor.

Two experts are better than one, and six experts are better than two.

(Research indicates that this principle breaks down after you have seven or more experts in the mix.)

Component 5: “All-In” Flat-Fee Structure
To avoid conflicts of interest and ensure that our recommendations are as bias-free as possible, we charge a flat fee(not assets under management).

This means that we realize no financial gain from encouraging one course of action over another.

We accept no commissions and have no financial ties to brokers or brokerage houses.

We receive no more compensation for assets under our management than for assets managed by others.

(For more information on why this is important, read “A New Paradigm.”)

In most instances, our clients pay fees for our comprehensive services that are competitive with those they would pay if they managed their money using either of the two prevailing financial advisement models (commission- and AUM- based).

More to the point: they receive much, much more for their investment in us.

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