The SI Vision

As you may know, commission-based brokering and fee-based asset management are today’s most popular financial advice models.

Although almost everyone with liquid assets relies on one or both, they share three serious flaws.

First, both models fail to start from an understanding that what really matters in financial management isn’t really money itself.

They encourage advisors to recommend strategies that focus on maximizing financial returns, without considering the full impact of those strategies on their clients’ lives.

In essence, they create transactional relationships between advisors and their clients.

In truth, every strategic financial decision should be based on the way it will impact what really does matter to the client involved.

That’s the only way to ensure that each client’s best interests are genuinely served.

Example: For one client, paying off a home mortgage is the dream of a lifetime, with roots in working-class values and memories of a painful family eviction in childhood. For this client, paying off the mortgage is the the right choice, even if it’s not the “best” decision in pure, “number-crunching” terms.

It is the right choice because it is aligned with the client’s values and is goals-driven.

Second, both models encourage financial strategies that take only one or two aspects of a client’s financial health into account (often, with serious or even disastrous effects).

This can be likened to a couple hiring a kitchen re-modeling company when their roof needs to be replaced. They might end up with a beautiful kitchen re-model, but that will be precious little comfort when the far more serious roof issue costs them tens of thousands of dollars in damage or worse.

Both commission-and asset-management-based models fail to consider the client’s entire “financial house.” This happens because advisors working in these models have significant financial incentives to narrow their focus to one or two areas. Beyond that, they simply do not possess the necessary expertise to address each client’s financial house holistically.

Third, both models create blatant or hidden conflicts of interest for advisors-conflicts of interest that influence even the most ethical advisors.

Commission-based advisors make more money when you engage in transactions. They benefit by selling you products.

Asset managers make more money when they manage more of your assets. They benefit by keeping your assets as “liquid” as possible-and  under their control.

Today, psychological research has shown that such conflicts of interest create and reinforce biases so cunning and powerful that they can be irresistible.

Worse, they often operate on such a deep, subconscious level that even the most self-aware, vigilant professional often cannot recognize and/or withstand them.

In such conditions, only a moral wonder of a person could consistently make recommendations, bias-free.

Our vision is to create a successful alternative to both of these flawed models-an alternative which will eventually become “the gold standard” of ethical financial advisement.

Our team of subject-matter experts works together to get each client’s financial house in order-and keep it that way-while using an “all-in,” flat-fee structure to avoid all possible conflicts of interest on our part.

Best of all, our model allows us to help our clients reach their financial goals faster and more safely than other advisors-at rates competitive with if those they’ve paid previously.

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