Unique Fee Structure

Our unique fee structure sets SI apart from almost all financial advisors serving North American clients today.

It is designed to eliminate all possible conflicts of interest.

Here’s how it works:

Synchronized Investments will charge you a flat, “all-in” fee.

In addition, you should expect to pay about $50-$100 (or less) in transaction fees for every $100,000 in your account, annually. Our clients never pay broker commissions, only the charges (brokerage houses) to handle the cost to trade.

Additional fees will always apply for the drafting of legal documents.  We help create and design an estate plan which in turn lowers the cost in most cases you would pay to your legal experts.

Our insurance recommendations are limited to no-load, low-commission and in some cases no-commision products, which you may choose to purchase through any agency you choose. We accept no commissions, “finders’ fees,” referral fees, etc. from insurance houses or brokers.

For this fee, we will provide you with comprehensive financial planning services: 10 macro services which encompass 143 micro services or what we call financial checkpoints.  The 10 Clients deliverables include the following: a complete update of your lifetime written financial strategy

  1. Annual Update of The Financial Road Map®  a complete update of your lifetime written financial strategy
  2. The Greatest Probability Strategy™ (Your GPS) a step by step plan of action for our clients to follow
  3. Client Progress Reports: a simple summary of your assets designed to show you the progress you are making 
  4. Asset and Money Management   oversight is provided over all managers of your growth assets 
  5.  Income Tax Projection Before Year-End  serious income tax planning 
  6. Income Tax Review and On-time Filing a review your tax return each year before it is filed 
  7. Estate Planning  we will ensure that your estate plan is reviewed annually
  8. The Goal Blueprint™ (TGB)  a Strategic & Tactical Plan For Every Goal
  9. Cash Reserves and Debt Management  recommendations and strategies regarding appropriate cash reserves 
  10. The Comprehensive Safety Review™ to Improve The Financial Plan’s Safety  review all insurance annually

Our “best-in-class” team of experts will cycle through each of these 143 micro service “checkpoints” for you, annually.

In addition, we will always be available to assist with cash and debt management, major purchasing decisions, changes in circumstances, or other factors influencing your comprehensive plan. In such instances, founder/CEO Charlie Donahue will act as your financial coach.

In all likelihood, you will pay approximately the same amount (or less) for our services than you would pay for brokering, mutual fund administration or asset management – even as you will receive much more (including a compensation structure designed to eliminate conflicts of interest).

Because our fee structure is an integral part of our model, designed to optimize client returns, monies paid to us should be considered an investment rather than an expense.

Our working relationship may be severed at any time, by either party. We succeed by doing our jobs so well our clients wouldn’t think of going back to life as “Do-It-Yourselfers,” dependent on traditional financial advisors.

To learn more about why we believe our fee structure may be our most distinguishing characteristic-and why we believe it could eventually revolutionize our industry, read “A New Paradigm.”

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