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Ten Client Deliverables:

A man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone.

 –Henry David Thoreau

Concierge Private Wealth Management is the highest level of service we provide. The individuals who benefit the most are financially-successful professionals and small business owners.  They’re typically very active and enjoy spending time pursuing things they’re passionate about.  Some are entering their retirement years and may be looking to delegate to a trusted advisor their financial planning and concerns regarding their finances.  This choice offers them the time and freedom to pursue more meaningful interests or seek the lifestyle they’ve worked so hard for.  They tend to enjoy a balance in their lives and are value-centered.  Making wise decisions regarding their money is often among their top priorities.

As your Private Wealth Manager or Trusted Advisor, it’s our aim to coordinate a team of specialists including Financial Planners, Certified Public Accountants, Estate Attorneys, Investment Managers and Insurance Professionals to design and draft your Concierge Private Wealth Management Road Map®*(WMRM).  After this is done, we work in unison with your existing team of experts (and in some cases with new members of the team) to implement the plan and consistently monitor its progress.  Concierge Private Wealth Management  involves the process of implementing your “WMRM” and monitoring, over time, your progress toward your desired goals and outcomes.

Concierge Private Wealth Management can be better understood by characterizing it as our “deliverables”.  For example, the following is a sample of some of the tangible and intangible outputs that are very much a function of wealth management:

  1. We provide an annually updated “WMRM”®*.  Once we understand your core values, goals, and the things that drive you, we deliver appropriate solutions.  Our written plan is created and shared with all members of your team. It is reviewed regularly and edited when necessary to assure the plan is in unison with the desired results you have clearly articulated in our annual discovery meeting.
  2. We provide an annually-updated implementation plan.  This plan summarizes your financial plan into a straightforward chronological list.  This list is in order of importance, providing the tasks we believe are the most important call-to-action items.
  3. We provide a detailed progress report, delivered online or in person, every four months, summarizing your assets and providing some benchmarking tools to track the progress made toward achieving your stated goals.
  4. Bi-annually we provide a “big picture discussion”.  This discussion covers all things regarding your finances.  It provides the data needed for the WMRM® and for our implementation plan.  This plan helps provide the information needed to reveal whether or not we’re on track.  These meetings give us the ability to be proactive in your planning rather then re-active.  With this “view from 40,000 feet” we hope to eliminate or minimize concerns that keep you up at night and provide the peace of mind you’re looking for.
  5. Although our “income tax” discussions will typically take place in November or December, we estimate and minimize your tax consequences throughout the year.
  6. We have a proprietary system that helps us facilitate your annual income tax preparation in the most efficient way possible.  This minimizes mistakes and maximizes your accountant’s efforts so you can keep more of the money you make.
  7. Depending on changes in Washington DC regarding tax legislation, we typically review your estate plan (at a minimum) every three years.  But, if necessary, we’ll make recommendations and consider making changes sooner if changes in tax codes and legislation deem it necessary.
  8. We provide concierge debt management.  Since many of our clients are debt-free, we also provide cash management solutions.  From time to time we provide bill paying, record keeping, filing and major purchase services as needed. (Depending on the scope of work, this service may require additional billing).
  9. We provide a “Safety Audit” within your first year of becoming a client, and we provide a fresh audit every third year from the date of your first review.  Since we’re completely independent, we can help provide an unbiased examination that can help determine if you’re adequately protected.  We also review all supporting paperwork and documents relating to risk management to ensure they’re in good order.
  10. We provide ongoing engagement for different milestones we’ve set or for goals you want to achieve.  We review the strategy and game plan we recommend to help achieve the outcomes you seek.

We firmly believe that the best way to evaluate whether you’re making smart choices regarding the use of your money is to look at the progress you’re making toward achieving your goals.  Our clients have communicated to us—after working with us—that they’ve achieved a new sense of freedom and a renewed focus on the things that truly matter to them.  We enjoy working with all of our clients, for many different reasons.  Perhaps the most enjoyable part of our job is giving people peace of mind in knowing that they’re working with someone who looks out for their best interests.  They can sleep well at night knowing that our Concierge Private Wealth Management will free them up to pursue the things in life that make them truly happy.

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