Working With Us

Values & Goals Meeting
Before you become a client, you will meet with Charlie Donahue, our team leader and our clients’ financial coach face-to-face or by phone. This initial meeting will last 30-60 minutes. The centerpiece of this meeting is a thorough interview, with focused questions carefully designed to identify your values and help you set goals aligned with those values.

This process will provide the foundation for the comprehensive financial plan which the team will later create for you-if you become a client. More important: it will give both parties an opportunity to determine if you should become a client.

This first meeting is perhaps the most important meeting you’ll ever have when it comes to your finances.

Initial/Annual Comprehensive Financial Plan
After you become a client, the SI team will design a plan aligned with your financial values, which we believe provides you with the highest probability of achieving your goals. We will then provide you with this plan and meet with you (face-to-face or by phone) to review it. Going forward, we will review it with you annually, revising it as needed to reflect changing priorities and circumstances.

  • Updated Capital Projections
  • Cash Reserve Plan
  • Assets Management Plan
  • Financial Goal Plan
  • Estate Plan
  • Insurance Plan

Step-by-Step Plan of Action
Along with your Comprehensive Financial Plan, you will receive a Step-By-Step Plan of Action, listing every action that needs to be taken, in order. You will receive a new Step-by-Step Plan of Action after your plan is reviewed annually.

Triannual Progress Reports (Every Four Months)
Every four months, you will receive a Progress Report – a simple summary of your assets, designed to help you track your progress toward your financial goals.

Triannual Progress Meetings (Every Four Months)
Every four months (after receiving your Progress Report) you will participate in a Progress Meeting. At that time, our team will review an asset-deployment strategy that will create the greatest probability that you will achieve your financial goals.

Triannual Asset Maximization Recommendations (Every Four Months)
Every four months, we will review your expert-identified, peer-reviewed strategies for deploying your assets to create the greatest probability that you will achieve your financial goals. We may also make asset maximization recommendations at other times-for example, when you experience a significant change in resources (as might happen through inheritance, the sale of a business, etc.).

Tax Management (Seasonal) 
During the last four months of each year, we will conduct a tax management review, designed to minimize your tax liability and ensure that everything is in order for your April filing. Then, in the first quarter of the new year, we will create and fully review your return, filing it on time.

Estate Management (At Least Every Three Years)
Every three years, we will fully review your Estate Plan:

  • We will review yearly if circumstances deem necessary
  • We will work with you to ensure your wishes are clearly established in your estate planning documents.
  • We will ensure a sensible asset-management plan is in place if you become unable or unwilling to manage your affairs.
  • We will review your legacy and wealth transfer plans and documents to be certain they promote your best interests (minimizing liability and maximizing efficiency).
  • We will assist you in applying prudent strategies to maintain your family’s closeness and cohesion as you transfer assets to others during your lifetime and/or after.

Goals Advising & Annual Goals Blueprint Review (Ongoing & Annual)
As goal dates approach, we will contact you with a “game plan” for reaching your goal. In addition, we will annually review your “Goal Blueprint” describing, in detail, the strategies and tactics envisioned by your plan for the accumulation of assets and the specific funding plan for every goal on your Financial Road Map.

Cash and Debt Management (Ongoing)
We will work with you establish adequate cash reserves, create and execute a debt elimination plan, and manage major purchasing decisions. For example, when it’s time to buy a car, we will help you secure it at the most favorable price and advise you concerning how best to pay for it, in light of your overall financial situation. Buying or refinancing a home, or making other major purchases would trigger similar assistance from us.

Annual Risk Management Review
Once each year, and more often if necessary, our team will review the safety of your plan. We will identify every risk we can envision and create strategies to address each, proactively. We will also thoroughly review your insurance coverage to determine whether your current coverage is appropriate for your needs and your plan – peer-reviewing each recommendation before presenting you with our recommended strategy.



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