Your SI Team

Comprehensive Financial Advisor (“Coach”) / Team Leader

Charles (“Charlie”) will work closely with you and the other members of your team to create and execute a comprehensive financial plan based on your values and goals. Then, as you and the rest of  your team execute this plan, he will act as  your “financial management coach.”  If you ever have an important question or face an urgent financial issue, please feel free to call him directly at (888) 219-7964. Read Charlie’s bio here. (Note: As our founder and CEO, Charlie also supervises our team of experts and oversees all of our business operations. But SI clients always come first with Charlie.)

Director of Client Services

Kevin will ensure that you receive the personalized assistance and excellent customer service you deserve as an SI client. He manages the administrative, operational, and communications needs of the firm. He ensures that all projects, tasks, and meeting preparations are completed on schedule, and he documents expectations and sets deadlines for experts’ recommendations and assignments. His contributions allow the other team members to focus our time and energy on maximizing your ROI (“return on investment”) for our services. Read Kevin’s bio here.

Financial Strategy Expert

Burt will create and regularly update your comprehensive financial plan, ensuring it is current and actionable, and that all members of the team (including you) have the information they need to execute their responsibilities. Prior to your triannual Progress Meeting (every four months), he will facilitate a thorough peer review, in which every SI team member will consider the recommendations of all other members in light of their own area of expertise. This peer review will allow us to optimize your opportunities and minimize your risks. Read Burt’s bio here.

Estate Planning and Insurance Expert

Bob will ensure that your estate plan is aligned with your wishes, values and goals, even as it coordinates with all other aspects of your financial management plan. He will also review your risk-management strategy annually, completing an intensive review every three years. In addition, he will monitor changes in estate and insurance laws and practices in your state which could impact your plan, recommending necessary or prudent shifts in strategy. Read Bob’s bio here.

Tax Management Expert

Richard will ensure that an income tax projection is completed for you prior to each year’s end. This will allow you to maximize real financial gains or progress, while minimizing taxable income. He will also ensure that your tax returns are filed on time, annually (reviewing each for accuracy and prudence). Perhaps most important: throughout the year, Richard will provide a crucial tax-management perspective on every recommendation made by our other team experts, in order to limit your tax liability. Read Richard’s bio here.


Synchronized Investments enjoys strategic partnerships with the following firms, which may providing consulting services for specific SI client needs:

One Capital Management
Dimensional Funds Advisors
One Point One Legal
Attestatova Law  Accounting Firm


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